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San Antonio's Best Insurance Agents and their Service teams

Trinity Pigott

Co-Founder & Agent

     Trinity is an experienced insurance agent and broker with a five-year track record of helping clients locally and nationally. She has a passion for providing her community with the best insurance coverage for their home and auto needs, working with various carriers to find the best options for her clients.
     Trinity emphasizes the importance of bundling insurance policies to maximize coverage and reduce costs.
     As an advisor, she educates her clients about coverage options and rating factors to help them make informed decisions.
     Trinity primarily works with homebuyers, introducing them to insurance and helping them protect themselves from financial challenges.

Leandra Reyes - Team

Leandra Reyes Team

Agents & Service Team

     Leandra has been a licensed insurance agent since 2013 from being a local agent to becoming an insurance broker. Leandra is licensed for Personal, Commercial, and Life Insurance.
     She understands the need for a fast and reliable agent who is knowledgeable in the industry. She has a strong team of women who have the drive, passion and GRIT. “I am passionate about helping and communicating with my clients to form long lasting relationships.”
     You can contact her or her team to get a quote or discuss what you may need to better protect you and your family. You won’t be disappointed.

Jones Team

Agents & Service Team

     Kristin Jones and Robert Briones make up the Jones Team. Kristin originally from Houston, moved to San Antonio working in the medical field as a RN, after staring her family she made the switch to home and auto insurance industries. Kristin is licensed in all Property and Casualty lines.
     Robin has worked in finance and real estate, now P&C licensed she can service all of Texas. Robert with a background in finance has now transitioned into insurance as well. Based in Brownsville Texas he is ready to assist with any insurance needs you or your family may have.
     You can reach out to the team to quote Auto, Home, Life and Commercial Insurances or follow the link below to get a quote with them directly.

Jesus Chavero

Agent & SOS Trucking Owner

     Jesus is a seasoned insurance broker with deep roots in the local community. With years of experience in the insurance industry, he is well-versed in both Property and Casualty lines and Commercial Lines of Insurance, and he is able to provide comprehensive coverage options to meet the needs of any business.
     His focus on Commercial Trucking and Auto Insurance has allowed him to build strong local connections and stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and trends in the trucking industry.
      If one is looking to start a trucking business or needs to update their insurance coverage, Jesus invites them to contact him here or through his own company website, SOS Trucking Filings (Button to launch site below), for personalized and expert assistance.

Mackenzie Griesenbeck


     Mackenzie Griesenbeck has been a licensed insurance agent for 3 years.
     She enjoys building new relationships with clients and always strives to provide them with the best insurance to suit their specific needs.
     Some of the areas she can provide guidance in include auto, home and commercial insurance. 
     Have an investment property? She can assist with providing insurance to cover your renovations and/or short-term/ long-term properties. 
     In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys baking bread & running. She also enjoys serving at her local church and spending time with family and friends and her dog, Smoky. 

Salvador Squadrito

Mortgage Protection Specialist / Agent

Salvador Squadrito has over 20 years Insurance experience that he uses to guide and educate clients on what they may need for their Vehicles, Homes, Businesses and their Families.

Salvador is licensed in all lines of insurance and can assist with Health/Medical benefits and insurance. Bilingual, Salvador speaks English and Spanish offering coverage explanation and quoting in both languages. If you recently purchased a home and have not discussed Mortgage Protection with your local agent,

Salvador is our Mortgage Protection Specialist and can go over the details in choosing the right amount for your situation.

Brandi Grauel


My goal is to provide tailored, educated insurance solutions and exceptional customer service to protect our clients’ families, homes, and businesses. With over 3 years of industry experience, I am committed to building long-lasting relationships with my clients.

Giovanni Yoria


Giovanni Yoria is a highly experienced insurance professional, with over 20 years of expertise in both property & casualty and health insurance. Originally from Colombia, he made the move to San Antonio in 1998 and has been dedicated to helping clients in the area find insurance plans that meet their unique needs and provide them with peace of mind. In addition, Giovanni is deeply committed to serving and supporting his local Hispanic community, and is skilled at helping non-English speakers navigate the insurance process in a clear and professional manner.

Rebekah Huron


Our mission is to provide professional and personalized insurance solutions to our clients, with a focus on empowering women. Drawing on our 4 years of industry experience and commitment to excellence, we strive to build long-lasting relationships and ensure that our clients are protected in all aspects of their lives

Micah Clements


Micah Clements has several years experience in the insurance industry, working with a variety of company’s and clients he strives to get his clients the results they are looking for with the companies he has to offer. From Costal Properties to Commercial Complex’s,  Micah is readily available for you to reach out for any of your insurance needs. Licensed for Personal, Commercial, and Life Insurance Lines.

Cody Cutright


     After experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Cody was motivated to become an insurance agent. He witnessed firsthand the difference between having a customized policy with an agent’s guidance and having an inadequate policy.
     Cody is committed to ensuring his clients have the coverage they need and understand what they are covered for.
     His personal experience drives his passion for helping others, providing peace of mind and protection in times of need.

Rachel Montgomery

P&C Agent

     Rachel Montgomery is a well-trained, licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Broker.
     Guiding clients on their insurance needs comes naturally after having worked as a teacher for mentally challenged students with underprivileged families (for 13+ years); Rachel can explain/teach/train anything to anyone; her patience seems infinite.
     When Rachel’s career choice pivoted to insurance, she started as an understudy to one of our top agents: Trinity Pigott; gaining valuable knowledge and covering various client’s and tasks.
     Rachel always exemplifies exuberance with everything she works on. Because Rachel’s heart is so warm, she will genuinely help her clients save money with full transparency and a friendly demeanor.